4 Signs You Need a New A/C Unit

Your comfort depends on a properly working air conditioner unit cooling the home when the summer temperatures are beating down. If the unit currently installed in the home is causing some concern, you’re likely hopeful that it can be repaired. Many problems that occur to the A/C can easily be repaired if the technician is called in time. But some issues cannot be repaired and require a new system installation. Four signs that you need to schedule new air conditioning installation longwood:

1.    How old is the A/C unit? When an air conditioner ages, it sustains wear and tear that is sometimes more expensive to repair than it’d cost to install a new unit. Furthermore, once the A/C unit reaches its maximum lifetime, it will not provide sufficient results.

2.    When the A/C needs more than one repair in a year’s time, it is likely a good idea to replace the unit. Why keep investing money into a product that is headed for the junkyard when that money is better spent to buy a new unit that will work for many years ahead?

3.    Is the A/C unit improperly cooling the home? Are some rooms comfortable while others are hot or too cold? This is a common problem that homeowners experience with their A/C units that usually signals the unit needs to be replaced.

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4.    Is there a leak? Leaking A/C units may be able to be repaired if you call the technician as soon as you notice trouble. But, for many homeowners, this problem is a sign that a new unit is needed.

When the signs say it’s time to install a new A/C unit, do not wait to pick up the phone and make the call to talk to a repair technician.